Welcome to our

We are excited to offer a way to buy our farm fresh items during the off season with our new Front Porch Farm Store. Drive up to our new asphalt millings parking area in front of the farmhouse where you will be able to see the little store on the front porch.

NOTE - The farm (pond, fields, animals, playgrounds) is closed at this time. Please come straight to the porch to make your purchases. Parking spaces are limited so please be mindful of others waiting for your spot. 

Available this Week at the Store

Chicken Eggs

We are licensed to sell our farm fresh eggs and are excited to offer chicken eggs at this time.

$3 / half dozen

$6 / dozen

Fresh Ground
Peanut Butter

Try one of our standard flavors (Original, Sweetened, Cappuccino), or try our seasonal flavor (Pumpkin).

16 oz Jar - $10

6oz Variety Pack - $5

2oz Pumpkin Sample Cup - $2


Candied Suckers 2 / $1

Water $1

Because of the extreme Florida Heat, most items will be kept inside. Simply look over the Price Board and ring the doorbell when you are ready to make a purchase.

We do accept credit (with a $15 minimum) and cash.