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You Pick, U-Pick, Pick Your Own…Which One is Right?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

What do you call a farm where you go out into the field and pick whatever it is you are planning on purchasing? Do you call it a “Pick Your Own” farm, or a “You Pick” farm? Maybe you call it a “U-Pick” farm. No matter the term and spelling you use, the function of the farm remains the same – You go there to pick your own (fill in the blank).

Some u-pick farms grow edibles such as fruits or vegetables, while others may grow flowers such as sunflowers or zinnias. Hours of operations and even growing seasons can vary greatly between different pick your own farms. You will find some farms with kid play areas, concessions, animals, or wedding venues, while others stay simple and only provide the items being picked.

Brevard County is a beautiful county, perfectly located on the east coast of Florida, which stretches 72 miles from north to south. In the full length of the county there are currently approximately 3 pick-your-own farms, all of which are located in the northern tip of Brevard County (leaving much to be desired in the lower parts of the county) – Until NOW!

Harris Establishment Farms is a brand new u-pick farm getting ready to open to the public in NW Palm Bay near the corner of St. Johns Heritage Parkway and Emerson Rd. The Harris family has been working tirelessly over the last year and a half on transforming the abandoned 20 acres of land into a pick your own style farm for the community. Though there is plenty more to be done to amend the soils, expand the u-pick options, and add fine details, the Harris family is excited to open up to the public this spring as a U-Pick Flower Farm.

To learn more about the history and vision for the farm check out the "History & Gallery" tab on the website. Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with farm news.

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