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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of your you pick season?

Our Festival Seasons include Fall (September/October), and Spring (March/April/May). 

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours fluctuate from season to season and are subject to change based upon the season, flower availability, and weather. Please check the home page, or our Facebook page, for our current hours of operation. 

Are pets allowed on the farm?

No, we do not allow dogs or pets onto the farm. Although we love dogs, our animals were previously used for protecting cattle from wild animals, such as coyote and bobcats, and view dogs as a threat. This causes stress on our animals and can pose a danger for visitors on the farm. We also can not allow any animal into our produce fields for the health and safety of our guests in accordance with federal and state regulations. Florida food safety regulations prohibit any animal from entering a field that will be harvested for the consumption of fresh produce. Service animals must be checked in at the entrance. For questions regarding service animals and what is covered under the ADA, please review their Service Animal FAQ, and Florida State Statutes . Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Is there an admission or parking fee?

There is no parking fee, however there is an admission fee per person 3 years of age and older during our Fall Festival and Spring Season. This admission fee aids in further development of our new farm, needs of our animals, and day to day operations and staff. Admission price can change each season, check back to the main page for admission costs when our u-pick season is open.

What is included in the admission cost?

There is plenty to do on the 20acre farm. The following activities are included with admission for our festival seasons: Crop Walk (Fall), Animal Viewing, Fish Pond, Beach, Photo Ops, Playgrounds. Additional costs - wagon rides, concessions, farm store items, and picking flowers.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, Apple Pay, and all major credit and debit cards. We do not accept personal checks. 

What is there to pick?

We are a flower farm an offer different flowers per season (Sunflowers, Zinnias, Giant Dahlias) for picking. Additionally, we sell our farm fresh honey, fresh ground peanut butter, and other cottage law treats. We are also licensed to sell our farm fresh eggs. 

Can I come in and pick flowers or pumpkins with out paying for entry?

Entry fee's change per season, but is required to come into the farm. 

Do you offer field trips/group reservations?

2023 has been extremely busy for us, and although we absolutely love hosting field trips, we have decided it is best for our family that we pause doing field trips. We are working on balancing our own children's Homeschooling, our Farming, and our other Full Time Business. We truly appreciate your understanding.

Is there accessibility for disabled persons?

Our farm grounds are all natural (sandy, grass, and uneven). We do have gravel roads and walkways throughout the majority of the farm.

What should I wear?

It is Florida and it is HOT. Plan to wear sunscreen, hats, and loose clothing. Bug spray is good to have on hand after our Florida rains. We advise visitors to wear closed toed shoes as the grounds are all natural (sandy, grass, and uneven). We have bees, ants, snakes, & bugs on the farm, for this reason we require all guests to wear shirts, shorts, and footwear. Inappropriate attire will not be allowed entrance into the farm.

Can I get a refund if it rains while I am at the farm?

It is the visitor's responsibility to check the weather before coming into the farm. There are no refunds or rainchecks. 

What do I need to bring?

We have everything you need to have a great time. We provide cutting sheers and scissors for you to use while picking flowers, we simply ask that you put the sheers back in the buckets on the flower tables located in the fields. We also suggest you bring/wear sunscreen and bug spray.

What is there to do for kids?

We have approx. 1.5 acres set aside for some Good Ole Fashion Family Fun. included in the entry fee. Our "Kids Corral" is for 6 years of age and younger and includes a playground tractor, tunnels, teacups, and sea saws to name a few items. The rest of the area is built for 7 years of age and older, though there are a few things the younger kids can do with the help of an adult, such as human sized connect four, giant wooden teeter-totters, and more. There are even a few lawn games that adults can join in on as well, such as horse hoes, corn hole, tether ball, and tug of war. The zipline is for children 18 and younger, under 100lbs. Only one person at a time in the hamster wheels (parents can assist little kids by walking along side of the wheel). Adults are permitted to participate in the Hamster Wheel. The newest addition, The Kid Course (obstacle course), with a fireman pole, is built for kids only. Shoes are required and there is no running on or jumping off of the structures. Upon entrance into these play areas parents are agreeing to release Harris Establishment Farms from all liability and agree to supervise their children at all times. 

Can we feed the animals?

Our animals are on a special diet so we DO NOT ALLOW feeding of the animals at this time. Please do not pick up old hay or give anything to the donkeys that appear to be food. Please keep fingers away from their mouths as the donkeys view then as carrots and do nip. Upon entrance into the farm parents are agreeing to release Harris Establishment Farms from all liability and agree to supervise their children at all times.

*Under Florida law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. History.—s. 91, ch. 93-169.

Do you have bathrooms?

We have portable toilets available as well as a hand washing station.

Can I bring in food and drinks?

We do not allow outside food or alcohol. This includes coolers with any type of beverage, any alcohol, and catered meals. You are welcome to bring water. 

Can I take photos at the farm?

Yes, we have many photo ops, and you are encouraged to take selfies or photos of your friends/family. Year round photo ops include a pond with gazebo, rope swing, and our wooded ridge. Multiple flower fields are available during our festivals, as well as our crop maze, pumpkin patch, and additional photo op props in the fall.

Do you offer private photo shoots?

No, we do not offer private photo sessions at the farm at this time. Photographers are permitted to meet clients at the farm for photo sessions during u-pick hours with payment of the normal seasonal entry price, with the understanding that sessions will not be private. Photographers cannot ask other visitors to move, rope off sections of the farm, photograph other visitors, or market their business to other visitors - photographers that do not respect these conditions will be asked to leave and will not be permitted back into the farm. 

Do you have a crop maze or walking trails?

During the Fall Festival we have a Large Crop Maze with 3 hidden Photo Ops, and a Mini Maze as well. We do not have designated walking trails but there is plenty of walking to be done around our 20 acre farm.

Can I schedule a party or wedding at the farm?

We are a small family owned and operated farm and we do not offer wedding, birthday, or corporate event packages at this time.

Can I buy bulk flowers for my event/wedding?

Bulk flower sales will be determined by availability of the flowers. Feel free to ask about availability.

Can I buy bulk pumpkins during the fall season for my group?

No, we do not sell wholesale pumpkins. 

Are there baby changing tables available?

There is a table available. Please bring your own mat, wipes, and bag to tie soiled diapers in before placing it into our trash receptacle. We have a hand wash station available as well. 

Are there any restrictions?

This is a working farm with a private residence on site - Please pay attention to restricted area signs. Please respect our flowers and do not step on flowers, destroy branches, walk through rows, or throw cut flowers onto the ground. Pictures may be taken with the buggy on display for photo ops, but please do not climb on or sit in it.

How can I sign up to volunteer?

We LOVE our volunteers! If you would like to join our amazing team of volunteers please fill out the form on our Volunteer Sign Up page.

Do volunteer hours count towards Bright Futures for my high school student?

It is the responsibility of high school volunteers to confirm that their hours volunteered at our farm will be acceptable for Bright Futures. 

For public and nonpublic schools (page 4), hours volunteered at our farm do not count towards Bright Futures unless you plan to pursue a profession in agriculture, or the farm is approved by your district school board or administrators of a nonpublic school. For homeschooling students (page 8), volunteer hours at our farm do count towards Bright Futures and require hours simply be recorded on letterhead.

Are you associated with L3Harris?

No, we are a family owned and operated business.

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